Purchasing Digital Content

With a smartphone you can purchase many items, including apps, TV shows, movies and music.  This type of content is often referred to as ‘third party content’.

There are various payment options including pre-paid options.

 Where can you buy this third party content?

  • 19SMS – all types of downloads are available, and it includes entering competitions on TV, and voting on events that are shown on TV
  • Google Play, Gamifive
  • Either of these options is easy to use but always check the cost. 19SMS texts are more expensive than normal texts.

How to manage your purchases…

  • Set a spending limit through our service provider,
  • Before you agree to a purchase, think carefully. Is it a one-off payment?  Is it a subscription? A simple vote in a TV competition can be more expensive than you think.
  • Use parental controls to avoid more surprising costs from your children. You can do this via settings, or contacting your service provider.
  • Always check you bills for details of the third party content provider.
  • If you are not satisfied or unhappy with 19SMS
  • Go to the web site and use settings to adjust your settings,
  • Text ‘STOP’ go the 19SMS number,
  • Contact the provider via information from your invoice.

image source: caylor-solutions.com

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