Rainmeter: The Best Tool To Customize Your Windows Desktop (and it’s Free!)

Rainmeter is your new best friend when it comes to improving the look and feel of Windows, delivering cool skins, useful apps for your desktop and much more.

While Rainmeter isn’t a new tool, it’s quickly gaining traction amongst Windows users and was recently recognized by Gizmo, with an award for being the best product in its class. One of the greatest appeals of the product is its ability to weave together sleek design and smart innovation, allowing you to control your media, launch your apps and record notes in seamless visual environment.

The program is great value in every sense, being available as freeware and taking up very few resources on your computer, in terms of disk space and running power. In fact, the initial download comes in at a tiny 2.3 MB, so you have little to lose by trialing it.

There’s also a significant online community of users, who regularly contribute new content and skins. This means a huge library of skins that can be downloads (although we’d recommend only choosing ones recommended at the Rainmeter page and still taking your usual precautions when it comes to viruses).

The latest version (3.3) is currently sitting in beta but it appears to be fairly reliable. The program is compatible with Windows XP onwards and there are are versions available in 32- and 64-bit, as well as a portable iteration.

It’s fairly intuitive to use, however there’s a range of useful information at the Rainwater docs page if you get stuck and, while you’re there, you can also check out the users’ forum. Once you’re confident, you can even design your own utilities, so the sky’s the limit!

You can download the program here.

Image Source: deviantart.com

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