Reasons to Choose iPad Pro over iPad Air 2

There are not many differences between the iPad pro and the iPad Air 2, but a keen observer is able to spot the differences that would ultimately cause one to buy or pick the iPad Pro over the iPad Air 2. It is interesting to note that the iPad Air 2 is able to run two apps at the same time, it has touch ID, does have a Retina display, and looks and weighs the same as the iPad pro and finally one can buy one for as low as $399.  From the above-mentioned features of the iPad Air 2, a wise person is bound to ask why they should pick the iPad pro over the iPad Air 2, which seems to have features that would otherwise be considered great. There seem to be some hidden secrets about iPad pro that need to be revealed.

For most people they never buy or attempt to buy anything before they have all the facts about what they intend to buy.  Having all the information about what one intends to buy empowers one to make an informed decision about that thing. That is whether to buy or not to buy. Coming back to iPad pro and the iPad Air 2 in order for the iPad pro to effectively replace a laptop storage the allotments needed to be bigger and the storage was designed with a big storage.  The 9.7-inch and the 12.9-inch iPad pro come in different storage options: 32GB, 128GB, and 256 GB. With the storage capacity of iPad Pro addressed, then this gives a person the first reason about why they should pick iPad pro over the iPad Air 2 (the iPad pro large storage capacity). In terms of storage, the iPad Air 2 is only available in 16 GB or the 64 GB models.

Besides the large storage capacity of the iPad pro the other reason about why one should choose the iPad pro over the iPad is the Apple pencil support that the iPad pro has. When compared with the iPad Air 2 the pro has a display designed to work with the pencil. With the pencil one is able to jot down notes, draw and meditate over adult coloring book apps.  In terms of accuracy, the regular stylus that is used on iPad Air 2 cannot compare at all with the pencil.  Its two sensors react to pressure and tilts, making you feel that you are using an ordinary pencil and paper.

One who goes by the name Scott Stein noted that the pencil was far more accurate than capacitive styluses that were quite messy and which are ordinarily used on the iPad. Scot went on to compare the pencil to Samsungs S-pen used on its tablets and phones or the Microsoft’s pen for surface. The smart connector should yet be another reason why you need to go for the iPad pro instead of the iPad Air 2.  The smart connector feature automatically brings together accessories that are harmonious by making use of a magnetic port.   This spares you the agony of for instance having to bring together a Bluetooth device manually as this means that one does not have to pair a Bluetooth device manually the pairing will happen when you plug in the accessory.  The smart connector transmits power to the accessories, which means you are spared the hassle of having to carry bulky batteries in key boards.

For now, iPad pro may not be a game changer, but with time Apple shall release more accessories that are able to work effectively with its smart connector technology, it shall add to the iPad pro’s capabilities. It is however, important to note that no such connectors are found on the iPad Air 2. The 4K video shooting and the ability of the camera to take better selfies is another reason one should go for the iPad pro instead of the iPad air 2. One owning the iPad pro might make one change their minds about taking pictures with tablets. The 9.7-inch iPadpro is the same size as the iPad Air 2, but the camera is huge step up. It has a 2 megapixel shooter on the back and a 5-megapixel shooter on the front. For purposes of comparison, the larger,  iPad pro features the same 8-megapixel back camera and 1.2- megapixel face camera as the iPad Air 2. One can also shoot 4K Videos, up from 1080 on the Air 2 and the larger iPad pro.

The iPad pro has better audio than the iPad Air 2. The iPad pro has four speakers two on top, two on the bottom compared to the iPad Air’s two speakers along the bottom, near Lightning port. The greatest difference between the iPad Pro’s speakers and the iPad Air’s 2 speakers is that they have the ability to adjust as one moves and reposition the iPad, in order to offer the best sound quality.

Other reasons about why you might pick the iPad pro over the iPad Air 2 can also include the use of Siri (a virtual assistant with a voice controlled language interface).  With the M9X coprocessor, Siri is always listening on the iPad pro, so you can say and she will take action without you holding down the home button.  Lastly, the iPad pro’s A9X chip is better when compared to the Air’s A8X chip. One is certainly able to get clearer, smoother graphics, faster response times and having the feeling that the pencil writes like, well you guessed right, a pencil. Should one decide to go with the base iPad pro, one would have to pay for a premium of $200 but from the information provided one is able to learn that they are getting more tablets for their money.

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