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First launched in 2013, Revcontent has seen many changes in the past 4 years.

What is Revcontent

Revcontent is thought by many to be the largest and best performing native ad network in the world today.  Each month it powers more than 250 billion content recommendations.  Revcontent LLC was founded by John Lemp in 2013 and is considered to be the fastest growing ad network in the world today.  Revcontent sites include Forbes, CBS and NBC news.

Its excellent performance and high-quality service makes it highly sought after and trusted by marketers and brand advertisers.  The company’s system uses highly responsive widgets, infinite scroll, gallery implementations, and unlimited API customization.  This sets them apart from the competition, making the ad formats particularly beneficial to both Revcontent publishers and advertisers.


Those publishers who have a high-quality website that generates more than 50,000 visits each month could benefit from using Revcontent.  However, the company will not compromise on security.  They reject approximately 94% of all applicants.

Revcontent vs adsense - Revcontent ads Requirements

Revcontent Ads

Once you are accepted, the benefits include the highest eCPM for worldwide traffic, and support for different geographic, contextual, and demographic channels.  The customized widgets offer a wide range of site-specific targeting options.  These widgets are able to be integrated with blogs and websites and will enhance traffic and therefore increase revenue.  Media, technology and entertainment widgets are just a few of the many available.  At the end of an article on your website, you can incorporate the native ad network’s widgets, and increase your income.

Revcontent’s transparency and accuracy in reporting are highly regarded.  It has the most transparent reporting in the industry from its intuitive user interface.  The powerful dashboard provides advanced analytics and a reporting system that gives you real-time statistics about the performance of your website.  The ability to target customers using geo-location, mobile or desktop platforms, and brands consumers frequently visit, is an additional benefit to advertisers.

Revcontent offer offers both banner ads and text ads.

Revcontent Requirements

Revcontent is not easy to join.  Revcontent requirements include a minimum of 50,000 visits each month.  They check websites to ensure the content is of a high quality capable of providing value to visitors.  In addition, they check for any objectionable content such as pornography, malware, and hacking.

Once your website has approved, you will gain access to Revcontent’s automatically generated javascript code, and you will be able to copy and paste your native and recommendation ads directly into the widget area of your site.  These widgets are fully responsive for both mobile and web-enabled devices.

Revcontent vs Adsense

Google Adsense and Revcontent are looking for similar customers.  Revcontent’s rates are higher than Adsense, but many publishers use both products simultaneously to achieve maximum benefit.  In the end, both seem to pay almost the same.

Revcontent Support

Revcontent has one of the industry’s best support service staff.  They are available 24/7 for emails, telephone calls and their ticket system has a speedy response time.

Revcontent Payment

Revcontent pay on net 30 terms.  The minimum payout is $50 via PayPal, and it is easy to withdraw.

Revcontent CPC

CPC stands for ‘Cost per Click.  This is the pricing model where you are billed for each click on your headline or image within the Revcontent widgets.  It is a model which is effective for increasing the engagement of users on your landing page. Revcontent CPC is higher than its competitors.



  • Leading native ad network
  • High paying larger advertisers
  • Great for mobile publishers
  • Best rates available
  • Publishers have full control over their ads
  • A real-time reporting system for accuracy and transparency
  • Top support system
  • $50 – minimum payout threshold
  • Widgets that are functional and can be customized
  • Updated with a referral system


  • Revcontent minimum traffic: Not available to smaller bloggers due to high minimum traffic requirements
  • Many restrictions

I have seen a few examples where webmasters remove Revcontent ads. The reason why they block Revcontent ads is so many restrictions by the company.

Requirements for publishers

  • 50,000 – 80,000 visits per month
  • English language
  • Prohibited content includes pornography, obscene, defamatory, abusive and illegal content
  • Further details of restricted contents can be located on Revcontent’s FAQ page.

Advertisers and offers

  • Advertising Types native ads, widgets, sponsored content
  • Offer Types CPC, CPM
  • Verticals All

Technical implementation

  • Widgets that are highly responsive, scrolls that are infinite, gallery implementations, customization of API is unlimited to monetize websites.
  • Once approved, create a site widget, copy the javascript ad code provided, paste on your site to start running ads.
  • Highly engaging widgets
  • 100% responsive so can be served on the web and mobile platforms with no problems.
  • Completely compatible with Adsense – ads can be displayed alongside Adsense, so long as there is no violation of the terms of service

Control Panel and Publisher Reporting

The Revcontent administration control panel may appear difficult at first, but once you click on the Site Widgets button at the top, it is easy.  Once on the dashboard, click on the green button, and customize it to your liking and save it.  The top right section of the dashboard will show you your available balance, and there is a drop-down menu so you can check your account settings and payment details.

The reports on each site widget you have customized are updated in real time.  The dashboard will display statistics on your domains.


Native advertising is what Revcontent specializes in.  It provides the most effective method of monetizing sites, and continues to outrank its rivals by 200% each year.

You may remove or block ads from other publishers, once you are satisfied with Revcontent.  I hope you like this Revcontent Review.

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