Roamers Beware

Mobile phones can be used in most places, including overseas.  Be aware that roaming services (international roaming) incur charges, and often at a very high rate.  To avoid coming home to an enormous bill investigate before you depart.  Check you plan and possible packages for calls and internet access.

Some countries have a government authority which sets out responsibilities for providers if the customer is using International Roaming, so the customer is aware of the possible increase in charges.

Helpful Hints..

  • Check with your provider in your home country before your departure. Most providers have travel  products, but ensure you are aware of the charges and possible limits
  • Check the settings on your smartphone. You can control email settings, so you have control over your usage.  For example, emails can be collected manually, rather than being received
  • Turn some functions off, particularly those that send automatic notifications and updates. Facebook and other apps which are based on you locations are examples.  You can check with your provider.
  • When receiving calls while overseas you will also pay these additional charges. Leave a new voice message with other means of maintaining contact.
  • Purchase a data pack if you want internet access. If not, you can go to settings on your smartphone and turn the data roaming setting to off.  Your service provider can assist you with this

Other options…

  • In many countries public Wi-Fi hot spots are available – use them to avoid charges. Another thing is that you should put your phone in ‘flight’ mode to avoid unwanted charges
  • Local SIM cards are often available. Ensure your phone will function properly, and make sure it has been ‘unlocked’ before leaving home.  Also available are traveler’s SIM cards.  These are mostly prepaid and can be organized before leaving home.

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