Robocop in Dubai | Robot in Dubai Police

Robocop in Dubai, Robot in Dubai Police

Robocop in Dubai

‘Robocop’ on Dubai’s streets

Dubai is planning to launch its first smart police station by 2030. The new station will not need any human employees.

Robot included in the police force

This is the beginning of a grand plan for Dubai’s smart police station – a robot policeman, the first in the world, is now part of the police force in Dubai.

Robocop’s first day

Robocop made his entry at the 3-day Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference. The first duty of Robocop, which is totally autonomous, was to meet and greet guests, as well as patrolling the halls and rooms of the exhibition and conference. Following this 3-day introduction, Robocop will be seen on the streets of Dubai.

How to recognize Robocop

Robocop doesn’t actually walk but uses wheels to roll on the streets. Robocop is able to salute and bow and is able to speak in several languages. Citizens will be able to report crimes through a tablet located in its chest.

Robocops to start in May

The Director of the Smart Services Department for the Dubai Police, Brigadier-General Khalid Nasser Al Razouqi, explained that the robot cops were designed with assistance from IBM and Google, and it is intended that they will look after smaller issues, rather than serious crimes.

Numbers of Robocops to increase to about 25%

In March, the Director announces the plans to introduce many smart police mechanisms. This would include the smart police station, robots, and the adoption of artificial Intelligence. It was at this time that he announced the first smart police station.
The Director of the Future Shaping Centre of Dubai Police Brigadier Abdullah Bin Sultan announced the plans to have more robots in the future with the aim to make robots around one-quarter of the total police force by 2030.

What next?

This could be the beginning of a quantum leap in terms of the digitalization of the police force. Only the future will show what impact this can have on security situations overall.

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