Rumor has it: What’s next for the iPhone?

Even though the release of the iPhone 7 is still far-off in September, commentary has already started on following launch: the iPhone 7S. While this isn’t uncommon (having happened most recently with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S), the reasons for the rumors may have you wanting to know more.

The source of these tip-offs is none other than Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities, a highly respected analyst with an incredible track record for accurate predictions.

The first prediction is around the ongoing speculation on displays, as it seems that Apple may finally be making the switch from LCD to AMOLED screens. While the AMOLED display was originally forecast for 2018, it now seems that this may be brought forward. Following the logic of Apple’s previous releases, it’s could be likely to hit the iPhone 7S as soon as September 2017.

Kuo also suspects that 2017 will bring a full overhaul of the iPhone suite. This includes a reversion back to a more curved display, as well as experimentation with ceramic, glass and even plastic materials. The smart money seems to be on glass however, given its ability to combine light form with a suitable tolerance. Overall, it looks to be a return to the design aesthetic of the iPhone 4, albeit with a smaller and sleeker feel.

When it comes to size, it seems that bigger may still be better. Kuo predicts a new 5.8inch screen size, arriving in 2017. It seems that this model may host the new OLED display, just as long as it can meet production targets. Although the screen size will be bigger, Kuo claims that the body of the phone will be smaller than the 6S Plus (which measures in at 5.5inches). Apple is also testing out a return to small phones this year, so depending on demand, a new 4inch model may be coming in 2017.

Possibly the most high-tech predictions are around biometrics (including the possibility of a face or eye scanner), as well as the potential for wireless charging.

All of this said, Apple is notoriously full of surprises – take the unexpected launch of the iPhone SE in March 2016, for example – so ultimately, it’s anyone’s guess.

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