Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S8 – should I upgrade?

Galaxy S7 vs S8, Samsung S7 vs S8

Samsung S7 vs S8

Once a new model is released it is tempting to look at your old Galaxy S7 and think about upgrading.

If you look closely though you might notice that there are not so many differences between the S7 and the S8. There are many new features, but is it worth upgrading when the cost is at the very least $AUD950?  Even if your phone is older than the Galaxy S7, you may be better off purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S7 and saving about $200.

Galaxy S7 vs S8 – Differences

  1. When the borders are thinner as they are on the Galaxy S8, the screen might be bigger, but is it that much bigger than a smartphone? The Galaxy S8 has a bigger screen, but it is different from what we are accustomed to.
  2. The thinner borders on the Samsung Galaxy S8 have changed the way the fingerprint scanner works.
  3. Facial recognition and iris recognition are both available.
  4. The change in border size means there are changes to the traditional home button.
  5. The capacitive Android function buttons have gone.
  6. There are concerns about Bixby.
  7. The S8 is definitely faster than the Galaxy S7, but the S7 performs well, too. The only issue is that the performance generally has a lifespan of about 2 years, and the S7 is already 1 year old.
  8. There are some small improvements in the camera with the S8 having a slightly improved front-facing camera. It has an 8mp sensor, rather than the 5mp sensor on the S7. The autofocus on the Galaxy S8 is better, which might make selfies faster, sharper and in-focus.
  9. There is a USB-C on the S8, but it is yet to show its full potential.

Should I Upgrade?

So, should you upgrade?  Some suggest it is not worth the upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S7, because it still has a year before it shows its age in the performance area.  In the new Samsung Galaxy S8, the battery life hasn’t need markedly improved.

If you have an earlier model than the Samsung Galaxy S7, the S8 might be an option, but it is expensive when you could upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S7, and save money.  Although it may be a bit slower, the Samsung Galaxy S7 still has an excellent camera and maybe better value at this stage.

After this review on Samsung S7 vs S8, What did you decide?  If you are interested in Samsung Galaxy S7, you should also see Galaxy S8 vs S8 Plus, and Galaxy Note 8

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