Samsung Wireless Charger Compatible Phones

Before Buying Samsung Wireless Charger Compatible Phones

Samsung Wireless Charger Compatible Phones on a Stand

If you are interested to buy one of the Samsung wireless charger compatible phones, you must know some of the pros and cons of wireless charging. First of all you must know, what is wireless charging? The wireless charger is a new technology and it is not as mature as the traditional charger.  wireless charging is slower than conventional wire charging.  You cannot use your mobile while wireless charging is in progress.  These wireless chargers generate more heat as compared to the traditional chargers. In spite of all these disadvantages, due to the latest technology, Samsung lovers around the world are interested to buy the latest Samsung wireless charger compatible phones.

Some of the Samsung phones directly support wireless charging and in some case we need AC Adapter and wireless charging pad.

Which Samsung Phones Have Wireless Charging?

which samsung phones have wireless charging

If you want to know, which Samsung phones support wireless charging and which Samsung phones only support traditional charging. You should explore the specs of the phone very carefully before buying.

Some of the wireless charger compatible phones of Samsung are as follows:

Some of the following Samsung phone support wireless charging with wireless charging pad:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Note 3
  • Samsung Note 2

If you want wireless charging of phones other than these supported phones, you can use universal adopter along with wireless charger to get the benefits of wireless charging in the previous models of Samsung Galaxy.

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