Saving Your Favorite Sites

It is an easy process to save your favorite websites in all browsers.  Browsers are able to save a shortcut which when clicked on again will direct you back to the webpage you have saved.  In some programs this is called a bookmark, and in others, a favorite.  The title, URL and favicon are saved in this way.

Each browser has a different method of saving and then managing these favorite sites.  An open window is used by Chrome and Firefox, and a sidebar is displayed in Safari and Internet Explorer.  Favorites is the name used by Internet Explorer.

How to create a Favorite or Bookmark

  • Visit the webpage
  • Go to the Bookmarks menu and select ‘Add Bookmark’.
  • There is a star icon available on Internet Explorer which does the same action.
  • You will then see the webpage title in your list.
  • Bookmarks or Favorites can be arranged into folders for ease of location.

Using this method saves you time when you want to visit a favorite webpage.  In some instances your favorites or bookmarked pages appear in a drop down menu as you start to type.

Only the actual location of the page is stored, so if the page has been updated or changed in anyway, the older version will not be available.

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