Snapdragon 835 Processors Should be Available in 2017 on Mi 6 and OPPO Find 9

Snapdragon 835 Processors Should be Available in 2017 on Mi 6

There are rumors that several smartphones including one from Xiaomi, OPPO and Samsung will incorporate the Snapdrago 835 technology including the Quick Charge 4.0. Xiaomi has not given out a lot of information about the Mi 6 but people are definitely talking about this new phone and what type of technology it might contain. Kevin Wang, a technology expert, discussed the possibility of the Xiamoi Mi 6 being the premier phone in this country to incorporate the Snapdragon 835 technology from Qualcomm. If this is true, the Xiamoi phone will become part of a group of phones that include the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Oppo Find 9 releasing in 2017 that use this great new technology.

Xiamoi Mi6 will incorporate the Snapdrago 835 technology

What is Snapdragon 835 Technology?

The technology world is very excited about the Snapdragon 835 chip from Qualcomm. This new technology allows smartphones to operate using almost half as much power as a standard phone. The Snapdrago 835 also offers the Quick Charge 4.0 that is said to allow users to charge their phone for just 5 minutes while gaining 5 hours of use on the phone. The chips also allow allows for an enhanced 4K display and an improved camera. All these options would fit in quite well with the new Mi 5 and what it represents which is why there is so much speculation that this technology will be part of this phone.

Xiamoi Mi 6Design

Xiamoi Mi 6 Design Glass CurvedThere have been pictures online of the new Xiamoi Mi 6 that illustrates the Xiamoi Mi 6 Design Multi Colorinteresting design of the phone. You can see in these pictures that the glass is slightly curved and that there is a home button that is most likely going to be used to log in to the phone with a fingerprint. The pictures also show a multi-color design on the front versus the back of the phone. You can see the LED flash on the upper left of the phone in these photos, but there is no indication that this phone incorporates a dual camera. We will not know whether or not these new phones incorporate this new processor technology is something we will not know until the Mobile World Congress happens in 2017.

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