Stay Safe and Log-Off

Being always connected to the internet (via cable, broadband or another method) has its draw backs when it comes to security. While you’re connected, there’s always a risk of someone else peeking inside your computer. Even if you already take antivirus and firewall precautions, you may still want to know how to switch-off when you don’t need to be online.

Switching off has clear benefits for the safety of your computer and your work. If you’re updating your antivirus software, temporarily disabling your connection will keep you secure until your computer is protected again. Similarly, you might be working on a sensitive document and may wish to minimize the risk of unwanted intrusions.

Stay Safe and Log-Off

Turning off isn’t just about security either. If you have a major piece of work or an assignment to do and you need to focus, you might want to disconnect to avoid the temptation of emails and browsing.

You can switch off your internet connection manually however the Internet Off program will do it for you in the click of a button. This piece of freeware simply adds an Internet Off button in the taskbar, which allows you to turn the internet off indefinitely, or for a short period of time.

The program is available here as a 2MB download and, as far as we know, it’s safe from malware and viruses.

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