Stay Safe on Your Mobile Device

How To Stay Safe on Your Mobile Device

If you are responsible for children smartphones are ideal for keeping in contact.  For many young people they are seen as being essential to a social life.  Mobile devices allow children access to the entire internet so care needs to be taken.

Instructions For Children….

  • Never give your PIN or passwords to anyone, including good friends
  • Keep your personal details and plans private
  • Only share phone numbers and social media details with those you can trust
  • Don’t ‘friend’ people you don’t actually know
  • Your profile on social media should be kept private – check on settings
  • Think about the consequences of posting images and messages. If unsure, don’t post it
  • Only use Facetime and Skype with people you know
  • Be mindful of cyberbullying and always confide in an adult if you suspect this is happening. Bullying is not your responsibility and you can stop it
  • In case, someone you don’t know attempts to make a time to meet offline, let an adult. If you do meet this  person, do it in public, in the daytime, and have a trusted person with you
  • If uncertain about anything there is web counseling assistance on-line for children

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Instructions for Parents

If you are responsible for children….

  • Remind them about some of the on-line dangers
  • Report all criminal or offensive content
  • Adults can also access assistance on-line; for example, Kids Helpline
  • Use parental control, if necessary

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