Stop Bullying for Kids – Protect your Kids from Cyber bullies

Stop bullying for kids

It’s a reality that kids are connected with technology almost 24/7. While mobile devices have great benefits for safety, entertainment and education, they also carry a significant risk by potentially exposing your children to cyberbullies. You may not be able to protect them completely, but here are some tips to minimize the harm.

Tips to Stop Bullying for Kids

Be a digital parent – Your parenting responsibilities don’t stop when your kids go online. Take an interest so that you understand technology and the principles of cyber-safety. It also helps if you set some ground rules with your kids about what they can and can’t do online.

Embrace privacy tools – Most social network and blogging sites will allow pages to be set to private. This means that only those who are granted permission can see them.

Reach out – If your child is bullied, speak to other parents, family and friends to discuss what they do to protect their kids online. You can also refer to the web for advice on how to respond and report cyberbullying. Prevention is better than cure, so talk to your kids about it too. Advise them to ignore any bullying messages and to screenshot any offensive texts, posts or emails.

Don’t be scared of technology – Remember that cyberbullying is much the same as schoolyard bullying – it comes down to relationships and attention. Remind your child that it’s not their fault and praise them for being brave enough to come forward. It may be tempting to take away their mobile to keep them safe, but this is likely to make them feel cut off from their friends and may stop them from disclosing bullying in the future.

 Do your research – You can chat with your child’s school about their cyber-safety and anti-bullying policies.


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