Stop the spam, stop the scams: Tips for protecting your mobile

Most people who own a PC are aware that a strong anti-virus program and other security measures are a necessity. However, many of us don’t realize that our phones could be just as much of a target.

As with PCs, there are a range of anti-virus apps available, many of which are free for Android users. Read the details and reviews on the app store to decide which one will work best for you.

Tips for protecting your mobile

Even with anti-virus software in place, it still pays to be vigilant and cautious. Here are few tips to get you started:

Set a PIN or Passcode

  • For a variety of reasons, it makes sense to set a PIN or passcode. This applies not only to your device, but also to its SIM and voicemail.

Beware of unknown message or email

  • If you receive a message, photo or email from an unknown user, it’s typically best to ignore it. If you must open it, be sure not to download any attachments, as these can contain viruses and other malware

Different offers by hackers

  • Be particularly wary of anything that promises something for nothing, such as winning a prize or making money quickly. These messages might prompt you to reply, but if you do so you’re likely to end up subscribed to a costly messaging service.

Block/Report the spam

  • If you’re receiving a large amount of spam, consider talking to your service provider about blocking the sender. Remember that spam can also be illegal, so don’t be afraid to report it.

Don’t provide your confidential information

  • Never supply your details in response to an unsolicited email (including your log-in, PIN or bank account number). You may receive a reputable-looking email asking for these details (for example from your bank, PayPal or eBay). If this occurs, don’t respond or click any links. Go direct to the website and log-in there to see any outstanding messages.

Caution in software downloads

  • Only download software or apps from trusted sources. Don’t download anything attached to a message or an email and avoid pirated copies of software at all costs.

Hopefully you like these tips for protecting your mobile.

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