Suspect plagiarism at play? Find out in under five minutes

The Internet has opened up a wealth of information, but it’s also made it easier than ever to plagiarise work. In particular, students are using the Internet to complete assignments by stealing all or parts of papers.

At its core, plagiarism is taking credit for another person’s work. This can be either in a professional or academic setting, and applies regardless of whether the action was intentional.

If you’re suspicious that an item may have been plagiarised, the simplest way to check is using a Google search. Go to and use quote marks (“”) to search for a phrase that appears in the piece of work you suspect to be plagiarised. For example:

Suspect plagiarism at play - Check on Google

Hit search. If an exact match appears, there’s a strong chance that the work has been plagiarised.

Students will invariably leverage new technology to get ahead of their teachers, so it’s important to keep up. Practice a few searches using the phrases from this article to see how simple and effective it can be.

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