T-Mobile Gets Throttled By The FCC

We live in a fast paced world, and a majority of the people prefer faster than slower at any given time. Many people are accustomed to instant and very fast paced access to information, communication, and entertainment. Many of the interactions and communication, occurs on mobile networks like those provided by companies such as Verizon, T Mobile or AT & T. For a majority of people they never give much thought about their service providers. For those for instance whose cell phone is on Auto Bill or automatic payment plans, there is hardly a reason to think about the mobile network provider. It is however important to note that, when something is not working or is going wrong then we think a great deal about the mobile service providers.

For most wireless cell phone providers they express the data usage that may be used with one’s plan. For instance, Verizon has data usage plans that are limited, but upgradable according to ones needs. In other cases, mobile network providers offer unlimited packages. But the question that needs to be answered is whether ones data is really unlimited? With T-Mobile, once a customer reaches a certain point of data usage, they are throttled. This means that T-mobile throttles the speed of their customer’s data. It is however legal for T-Mobile to throttle account data usage. However when suspecting customers went to check their data speeds, T-Mobile would boost the speeds back up for the speed test websites.

This actually left the customers under the false impression that their data speeds were fast while in reality they were being throttled. When the FCC got to discover this, they had a meeting with T-Mobile to discuss the importance of transparency in the process of dealing with their customers. Following the meeting with FCC T-Mobile shall hence forth alert customers when they are about to exceed their high-speed data allocation and also send a link via SMS to correct speed test once throttling begins to properly inform them. Through this new initiative customers have a full understanding of the data they are buying and consuming.

A significant point to make is this that with the new notifications, one might just have one more reason to seriously think about their mobile service. It is hoped that the notifications shall help one keep a head in their data usage to enjoy high speed internet on ones mobile device. Ultimately T-Mobile as a mobile network service provider, may have to offer upgrades for users who have hit their maximum ‘’unlimited data’’uasge. An update afterwards indicated that nothing much had changed at T-Mobile but they had rolled out other Data packages and offers that one may want to have a look at. The offers do have either ‘’unlimited’’ or higher capacity.

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