Tesla’s New Battery

Tesla believes its new version of the Model S, a totally electric car (sedan model), will accelerate to 60 mph in 2 and 1/2 seconds.  There will be an upgraded battery pack, which will be larger for its other models, namely Model S and X, which will allow the range to be increased as well as the acceleration.

Despite this the company faces challenges including production, finances and regulation.

Will Tesla’s New Battery Pack Succeed

The new battery pack with 100 kilowatts per hour will make this model the fastest vehicle in production at present.  This new battery pack will also improve the Model X.  The Model X, already the speediest, will accelerate even faster, to 60mph in 2.9 seconds.  The driving range will also be extended to more than 300 miles.  In real terms, this means that in mild weather conditions the car will take you from San Francisco to Los Angeles with no need to recharge.  The company believes that this will show people that electric cars are the future.

Following this announcement the company’s shares increased less than 1% to $224.84(USD).  For customers who already have orders for the Model S P90D the upgrade will cost $10,000 and for those who already own this model the upgrade will cost $20,000.  The additional cost is due to the recycling involved.

The company is preparing to buy out SolarCity corporation, which is seen as being controversial, while at the same time it is preparing for the launch, next year, of another model – Model 3, which is to be for the mass market.  SolarCity is an installer of solar panels and has agreed to the purchase.  Tesla’s goal is the creation of a company that only uses carbon-free energy.  The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has bought half of SolarCity’s bond offer, but his other company SpaceX, has already purchased these bonds.

Tesla’s production plans include the building of 500,000 all-electric cars in 2018, which is well ahead of schedule.  The funds from the upgraded batteries in the Model S and Model X will assist in the development of Model 3.  At present the Model S without the new batter costs $108,000, and the Model X, also without the new battery, is $115,000.  Despite being expensive Musk maintains the cost is important as it is paying for the new Model 3.

Earlier in the year a Tesla car, using the Autopilot, was involved in a fatal accident, and remains under investigation.  The company notes a software update is almost finished and this will improve the Autopilot.

Although the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder (with engines using gasoline) are faster, Musk notes that both cost almost one million dollars, with only 2 seats, and a buy is not able to purchase one new at the present time.


image source at “Tesla New Battery”: http://inhabitat.com

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