The Key to Research – The Keyword

Keywords are a vital part of the optimization of any search on the internet.  They allow a site to be carefully positioned so visitors will find them.  How can you identify the keywords that will make your site the most successful it can be.

  1. List a group of words that are relevant to the content of your site. Check similar websites to help with this list.  Remember, as well as single words, phrases and other combinations of words can be used.
  2. Now, you have your list find those that will generate maximum visitors. You must know your content well, and what type of visitor you need.  Ensure the words are relevant and specific, but not too general.
  3. Check the competition. Use your keywords to search your competitors.  If there are too many other sites in the result, go back to your list.
  4. If you follow this process carefully the keywords you have chosen should ensure a steady stream of the type of person you are trying to attract.

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