The Link Between UAE Projects on Sustainable Energy and the Technology of Space Exploration

Renewable Energy in UAE

As the UAE gets ready to enter the world of space exploration, it is doing so with the hopes of creating sustainable energy and resources. A probe without any human passengers is planned to make the trip to Mars within the next 5 or 6 years. The technology that was used to make this possible has made it possible to make amazing strides in other areas of science, especially the study of renewable energy in UAE. A major focus of the UAE is developing technology that will allow them to create a reliable and sustainable form of energy for Abu Dhabi and the exploration of space is important to this goal.

It may be hard to understand how space exploration and developing a sustainable form of energy are related but they have a lot more in common than most people would think. The ability to send a probe into space takes a lot of technological knowhow and that information can be used in many different ways in different areas.

Exploring space is all about how to make the most of what resources you have and using what you have wisely. This is a common concept that was also promoted by Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who is responsible for the creation of the UAE. The Shaikh often spoke of the importance of having less but doing more.

Space Exploration & Renewable Energy in UAE

Using technology that simulates actual events and objects is very important to the study of space exploration but this technology is also vital for studying and improving renewable energy. Fluid dynamics involves the study of how liquids and gases move in the environment. Fluid dynamics is one aspect that is very important for the study of renewable energy. Experts in renewable energy use the technology of the study of space apply the theories to do their work. Scientists use the study of fluid dynamics when building rockets, wind turbines, the transportation of oil throughout the country and even building air conditioners.

Another way simulation technology is involved in the study of renewable energy is trying to predict how the projects they work on will operate. The technology allows researchers to look at the different aspects that affect renewable energy projects including various weather factors and how humans will affect the projects. This is a perfect example of doing more with less and how simulation technology helps researchers do this. There is no limit to the different ways that simulation technology can be used to further our ability to capture renewable energy and use it for power. One specific way this technology is used is for measure different resources at locations that are being considered for renewable energy projects.


The Link Between Renewable Energy in UAE and the Technology of Space Exploration


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