The Magic of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can do many things to make your life easier, and to assist you to remember important information.

You can send reminders to yourself in and email, so you don’t forget important dates.

If you remember that you want to send an email to someone next week, and you think you may forget, Microsoft Outlook allows you to create the email, store the email, and even choose the date, time and the names of the recipients, and at that exact moment your email will be sent.  You could copy yourself into it as well, so you can see that it has been sent.

This is just how easy it is….

  • Start a new email – click on the ‘new’ button
  • We will send this email to you, so you can see just how it works – write your email into the address line
  • Choose a subject, and type it in
  • Find ‘Options’ – on the toolbar; click
  • A box will appear – click on ‘Do not deliver before’ and set the delivery time and date
  • Close
  • Send

Check your email inbox at the time you chose.

You can also check your message in the Outbox – on the left side of the screen, below, inbox, drafts, etc.

Practice.  Check for online tutorials.

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