The Pokemon Go Plus Accessory – How Will it Change the Game?

Close to a year ago, Niantic made the announcement that they would be releasing the Pokemon Plus accessory that would work in conjunction with Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, several issues came up that caused the company to delay the release. They wanted to make sure they didn’t release the accessory until it worked perfectly. Once it is released, this accessory will completely change the way people play Pokemon Go.

Instead of having to walk around looking at the screen on their phone when they play Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Go Plus accessory will work behind the scenes making it possible for players to catch Pokemon as they go about their every day life. No matter where people are or what they are doing, they can also be catching Pokemon. The accessory will use Blue Tooth to let people who are playing Pokemon Go know when a Poke Stop is close by or when there are Pokemon in the area near them waiting to be caught. All the players will have to do is push a button when the accessory lights up or vibrates. They can then go back and see what sort of Pokemon they caught when they have the time using the accessory.

The creators of Pokemon Go say that their game has been downloaded by more than 500 million people and soon people will be able to play it on the Apple Watch. However, more and more people who downloaded the game are no longer actively playing it which is a concern. What remains to be seen is whether or not the accessory from Niantic will increase the number of people who actively play Pokemon Go. The ease with which people can play the game with the new Pokemon Go Plus accessory could either increase the number of active players or it could cause people to become bored with the game.

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