The Two Most Secure Places In The World

From the moment we are born, we search for the safest places to hid things. From a young age we hide our favourite toys away from friends and cousinsand as we grow up, we put our valuables and money in bank funds with secure login details.

The truth is that with more and more hackers and scammers trying to break into our accounts, we need the extra security. However, it is one thing stealing money from the average person, but imagine what would happen if government secrets were stolen, the world’s wealthiest possessions lost or the world’s bank was hacked?

Here are two of the most secure places in the world:

Bold Lane Car Park:

This car park is located in Derbyshire, England, and is named after the street it is located on. This parking lot was designed after the massive car theft recorded in the area and is the safest car garage in the world. The ten floor parking lot can hold 440 vehicles and is open all day. When entering the garage, the driver is issued a barcoded ticket. This ticket is scanned into the system and links the driver to a specific parking spot.

Once the vehicle moves into the parking bays, sensors pick up the vehicle. Therefore, if the vehicle moves or any unusual activity happens in the bay, the garage alarm sounds and the entire lot will go into full lock down. In addition to the parking spot sensors, the garage is fitted with 190 CCTV cameras and panic buttons in every parking bay. This parking garage has never had a single theft in over ten years of operation.

Air force one:

Air force one (AF-1) is defined as any aircraft carrying the president of the United States. There are two Boeing 747’s air crafts designed to have a complete mobile White House in the event of a national emergency. What makes this so secure though?

First, this plane is capable of flying over 8000 miles (a third of the way around the world) on one tank of fuel and is able to refuel in the air. In theory, this plane can circumnavigate the world until the crisis is over. Second, the electronic equipment is covered with an electromagnetic pulse shielding to protect the plane in the case of a nuclear bomb explodes in its vicinity. Third, AF-1 also has the abilities to jam radars and deploy flares to avoid heat-seeking missiles. Fourth, this airplane can fly through a nuclear attack and has compartments for small arms and ammunition. Fifth, the AF-1 is escorted by fighter jets. The other aspects of the aircrafts protection is strictly classified, however, this is one seriously kitted out and secure plane.

These secure locations make us of the latest technology and access control systems to ensure that they are the most secure places in the world. So if you are feeling at risk at home, use some of these designs to make your home your very own Fort Knox.