The Ugly Side of Boxing

Sometimes boxers can get a little carried away with themselves with the best boxing gloves when they are in the ring with a rival. Tempers flare, rude words are exchanged, dirty looks are sent back and forth across the ring, and on the rare occasion someone looses their mind and does something crazy like bite someone’s ear off instead of using one of their best boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves have been known to be used as weapons in the boxing ring. Traditional boxing matches are supposed to have 10 oz boxing gloves. Sometimes players that are intending on cheating try and switch out their 10 oz gloves for 16 oz boxing gloves. These 16 oz boxing gloves are only supposed to be used during training. Other time’s players have been know to put hard objects in their glove to help knock the other play out faster. Many cheap boxing gloves are used and can sometimes cause a lot of damage to the other player.

Sometimes even the best boxing gloves are used as weapons. There have been reports of boxers getting out of hand with their best boxing gloves and become so crazy that they make an impulsive decision and cause harm to their rival with weapons placed inside some of the best boxing gloves. Also, there have been people that wore rings on their fingers. Sometimes there are even people that choose to use cheap boxing gloves to wear brass knuckles underneath. When players would do that they would knock the other opponent out without having to try very hard.

 In one case, a boxer even used razors as a way to cheat and win against the other fighter. Sometimes cheap boxing gloves are used at this time. The cheating player would hide razors in their gloves so that when he punches the other player, that player would start to leak blood. Sometimes they would use the best boxing gloves. What this player was intending on doing was blinding the other fighter so that he could no longer fight and the fudges would consider it a loss to the blinded fighter. Sometimes they even use 16 oz boxing gloves as their best boxing gloves. The way he would blind him was by hitting the fighter above the eye. After this happened a few more times there would be so much blood leaking into his eyes that the player would not be able to see.


At the end of the day, cheating is widely looked down on but there are still going to be those who try and take advantage and win the wrong way. Using 16 oz boxing gloves in a competition match is considered to be very bad and against the rules in many places around the world. The same goes with using cheap boxing gloves that don’t have a lot of padding so that hard objects can be fitted into the glove and held by the hand. It is best to stay safe, use the best boxing gloves you can find, and play the sport the way it is supposed to be played!

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