Using Eye-Control can change the lives of people with a disability – Tobii

Tobii Assistive Technology

Tobii Assistive Technology, a subsidiary of Tobii Technology, is one of the world leaders in Augmentative and Alternate Communication equipment.  Their devices use gaze interaction and eye-tracking which gives people with disabilities more independence, by assisting them with communication and a degree of control over their environment.

What is gaze-interaction?


In much the same way as a mouse is used, gaze interaction allows the person to have the same control – activation, zooming, scrolling, etc. No other muscles are required, only the eye, making this technology a life-changing solution for those with disabilities such as spinal cord injury, paralysis, cerebral palsy, etc.

Tobii’s technology is used by at least 7,000 people globally, and many of these clients are using the gaze interaction feature.  The feature has recently been improved with Tobii Window Control, making interaction with the computer more natural, and becoming one of the best assistance devices available.

Tobii’s Gaze Selection allows people with a disability to perform many tasks, helping with communication and independent living.

 It allows users to:

  • Open and use software,
  • Use dictation to communication
  • Surf the internet,
  • Make phone calls,
  • Use emails and text messaging
  • Control the environment,
  • Create,
  • Play games, and
  • Use social media to keep in touch.

In addition to these, features, autistic children can use this same technology to assist with communication.  Victims of Lou Gehrig’s Disease are able to stay in touch.  Some are even able to run businesses using this technology.  A former gold medal winner, Stephen Murray does this successfully.

How does it work?

 The Tobii eye tracker, which is used on all of their devices for assisted technology, illuminates the eye by using an invisible infrared light.  Two sensors on the camera catch the reflection from the retina and cornea (often referred to as ‘red eye’ and ‘glint’).  Using these 2 points the eye tracker creates a 3D model of the eyes of the user.  This model is used to work out the gaze point (where the person is looking) and where their eyes are in relation to the computer 9track box).

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Tobii Windows Control receives this information and determines precisely where the person is looking (accurate to 1cm).  The computer has the technology to know exactly where the user’s eyes are looking all the time.  With this knowledge, the eye tracking device is able to control the computer in a way similar to you hand being on a mouse.

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Tobii has been working with this technology for almost 30 years and has helped many with disabilities to improve the quality of their lives.  It has a reputation for being both innovative and caring.  Their products are the most empowering assisted technology tools available today.  The company is a leader in the development of eye tracking and gaze interaction.

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