Two Teenager Young men Go Missing During Fishing Trip Off Florida Coast

Coast Watchman teams proceeded with the quest Saturday for two high school young men and their angling vessel after they turned up gone a day before off the shore of southern Florida, authorities said.

Inquiry and salvage vessels have secured more than 6,200-square nautical miles with an end goal to discover Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, both 14, after they were most recently seen around 1:30 p.m. Friday close to the town of Jupiter, around 90 miles north of Miami.

The pair had purchased $110 worth of fuel for their 19-foot white single-motor vessel, the U.S. Coast Gatekeeper said.

Authorities got a report that the young men had vanished at around 5 p.m. after they didn’t come back to shore at the normal time.

The Coast Gatekeeper said Stephanos and Cohen were thought to be traveled southeast, around the Bahamas, however U.S. Coast Watch Trivial Officer Imprint Barney said the high schoolers were not likely attempting to make it the distance to the Bahamas. Their families told the Coast Protect that the youthful anglers would not attempt to go to the Bahamas alone and without authorization.

Barney said the Coast Watchman accepts the young men don’t have numerous supplies or a specialized gadget on board on the grounds that they were not wanting to be out on the water overnight. He told NBC News that teams had moved their hunt region to Melbourne, around 100 miles up the coast from Jupiter, in light of the fact that they accept the pontoon is handicapped and floating north.