Using additional tools to get the most from your website

‘Google Analytics’ is a useful development for providing statistics so you are aware of the numbers who visit your website. However there are several aspects of it that should be noted before you depend completely on it.

  • It is not able to provide data if the browser does not support java script or it has been disabled
  • Because it is not using real-time tracking, you need to go online to access reports
  • It is unable to report on ‘spiders’ – as the owner of a website it is important for you to know when they visit and the nature of the information they are looking at – this is important as you can adjust your website accordingly
  • The site owner is not able to upload the log files, which assist with the building of filters

These limitations mean that site owners need to use other tools for this important information.  File analyzers are more useful, and although it is more complicated the data retrieved is more valuable.

Look for other analyzers that will suit your needs.

Some of the substitutes of google analytics are as follows:

  • Piwik
  • KISSMetrics
  • Clicky
  • Woopra
  • FoxMetrics
  • Heap
  • Gauges
  • Mix Panels
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Fox Metrics
  • Mint
  • StateCounter
  • W3Counter
  • Woopra
  • IBM Analytics

They all have different advantages and disadvantages over Google Analytic. You can find out characteristics of all these analytic tools and choose according to your requirement.

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