Using the Address Box

The web address of the page you are currently viewing appears on the ‘address box’; this is the text box near the top of the window, and is recognized by the ’http://’ at the start of the field.

When you move onto a new page, the information in the field will change accordingly.

This field can also be used to type in a web address.  Once you have typed in the address, press Enter and the new page will be displayed.  When typing to most browsers there is no need to use the ‘http:// as most will do this automatically.

Mostly in address boxes a little icon, called a ‘favicon’ appears to the left of the Universal Resource Locator (URL).  This is a visual sign for the website.  On some sites an RSS feed may also be available.

The browser, Safari, uses the address box to show progress of the pages loading and the opportunity to ‘refresh’ slow loads.  Firefox allows you direct access to favorites, or bookmarks.

Don’t confuse the toolbar belonging to the browser, with the address box.  The toolbar is mostly found below the address box and includes various options.

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