Same Same: Using Synonyms in Google

You can always get more out of a Google search by using simple tricks and tips to refine your results.

Google links with an infinite number of sites, meaning that finding what you need in a search can be challenging.

One useful trick is to use the ‘~’ symbol (known as a ‘tilde’) to search for both a word and its synonyms.

Say we were looking for cheap glasses. If we type this phrase directly into Google, here are the results:

Example Using Synonyms in Google

Using the tilde in front of the word ‘cheap’, Google will return web pages that not only list ‘cheap glasses’, but that also list glasses that are inexpensive, low-cost, discount etc.

example Using Synonyms in Google through tilde sign

This is a fast and simple way to find what you’re looking for, particularly for those moments where you can’t quite put your finger on what you need.

example Using Synonyms in Google through tilt sign result

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