Want to back out of a Reserved Windows 10 Upgrade? Here’s how.

When Windows 10 was announced, many users were anxious to upgrade and so made reservations to get the update as soon as possible. Now that Windows 10 is here however, many of the same users find themselves wanting to delay the upgrade, or even skip it altogether.

Unless you take steps to avoid it, Windows 10 will eventually download automatically and will then need to be installed. Even if you skip the upgrade, you may find your computer locked to receiving other updates.

One day, you’ll go to shut down your computer and a seemingly harmless-looking icon will display, notifying you that important updates need to be installed. These updates are, in fact, the Windows 10 files.

You might also find that you unexpectedly get a pop-up telling you that your upgrade is ready to install, or notifying you that it’s ‘almost time for your upgrade’.

Stopping the upgrade isn’t easy, but thankfully blogger Woody Leonhard has found a way (read his article here). The SuperSite for Windows also has instructions that might help you out (here).

Its almost time for your to upgrade

If you don’t perform the fix in time and the upgrade goes ahead, you also have the option of rolling back the update. This method isn’t always perfect, but seems to work well most of the time. One tip: be sure to backup any personal files before attempting the rollback.

(image source: horn-it.com)

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