What does the ‘S’ stand for in Xbox one S (UPDATED)

Xbox One S – What does the ‘S’ stand for?

‘S’ can stand from any words – sleeker, slimmer, sharper, smaller, smarter.  The new Xbox One S has all these qualities.  Despite being 40% more compact than the earlier models, there are no sacrifices in storage or other features.  Some see the new Xbox One S as the most advanced gaming console yet released.  In addition to all this, it has additional features.

Q: What does the S stand for in Xbox one S?   Ans: sleek, slim, sharp, small, smart

When did the Xbox one come out?

New Features

The Xbox One S is able to integrate with your television, audio/video receiver, and cable/satellite receiver.  The game controller has a modified design, the grip is textured and the range is greater than previous models.  The Bluetooth technology allows you to play games on both PCs and mobile devices.  The visuals are also improved.  The High Dynamic Range technology achieves the best luminosity, due to the enhanced contrast between light and dark.

A source from Microsoft said that the console’s menu system will come from 4K support, with 4k streaming apps eventually available. You will be able to see more at the next E3.

Available Now!

You can go and buy the new Xbox One S immediately, or wait for the 2TB Xbox One S, which is due to be released a little later in the year.  It will have even more space for storage and a Vertical Console Stand.

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