What is Azure Service Bus? | Cloud Messaging Service

What is Service Bus?

Service bus provides a reliable cloud messaging service (MaaS) with simple hybrid integration by:

  • Building reliable, elastic cloud applications with messaging,
  • Protecting applications from temporary traffic spikes,
  • Decoupling applications,
  • Connecting pre-existing systems to cloud solutions,
  • Distributing messages, and
  • Scaling out ordered messaging.

What is Azure Service Bus?

Azure Service Bus Simplify Cloud Messaging

When you need a highly reliable cloud messaging service between your applications and services, Azure Service Bus provides a perfect solution, even if you are off-line.  It is available in all Azure regions, and because it eliminates the issues of server management and licensing, the asynchronous operations allow for flexible and brokered messaging between the client and the server.  In addition to this, there is structured FIFO (first-in, first-out) messaging, and capabilities to publish and subscribe.  These are all particularly useful for order processing and similar tasks.

Building Scalable Cloud Solutions

Durable applications rely on asynchronous messaging patterns because they give you the ability to scale reliably.  You can integrate Azure SQL Database, Azure Storage, and Web Apps with Service bus messaging and this will give you smooth operation and a variety of loads, as well as the ability to survive any intermittent failures.

Implementing Complex Messaging Workflow

Service Bus provides complex routing and increases overall availability enabling durable messaging topologies to be built.  Service Bus can deliver messages to multiple subscribers as well as fanning out message delivery at scale to downstream systems.

Highly Secure Communication Available Across Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Service Bus allows the user to access all existing assets, no matter where they are, without any complex configurations, including VPN, firewall, or network.  There is a Hybrid Connection feature within Service Bus, which gives the user enhanced authentication and connectivity via the cloud, along with the ability to monitor and see activity.

Multiple Apps Able to Share One Connection

You can use the Hybrid Connection feature in the Service Bus Relay to allow access from either the cloud or any other singe secure connection.


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