When did the Xbox one come out – Release/Launch Date of First Xbox 1

The Release of the First Xbox One – Launch Date

The Xbox One was released on November 22, 2013.  It was initially available in the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.  Further markets were opened up in 2014.

The launch was timed so the Xbox One was on the market before its rival from Sony, the PlayStation 4.  In North America, this was not the case, with Sony having its product on the shelves a week earlier.

This was the first new console war since 2006 when both companies had new gaming machines.

Q: When was the Xbox 1 released for the first time?  Ans: Xbox One Launch Date is November 22, 2013

Vice-President’s Statement

The vice-president of marketing for Xbox One at the time, Yusuf Mehdi, announced the plans, noting that after listening to their fans, the development of technology and their partnerships with the gaming and entertainment industries, the had the best machine available.

The company was still working on fine-tuning the product for the Xbox One launch.  Mr. Mehdi also said that pre-orders had been faster than their previous gaming products.  The CPU had been upgraded from 1.6Ghz to 1.75Ghz, an increase of approximately 10%.

Some History

Before the first Xbox One was released, Microsoft had experienced some difficulties.  They had lost Don Mattrick, the head of interactive entertainment, to another company, Zynga.  When he left Microsoft was still recovering from their poor performance at E3, one of the most important gaming events on the calendar.

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Cost and Restrictions

Prior to the Xbox One launch date, Microsoft announced that it would be more expensive than Sony’s PlayStation 4, and the company’s decisions on the policy of playing pre-owned games on the new system were unpopular.

The Xbox One cost 429 pounds in the UK, but Sony’s PlayStation 4 was 349 pounds.  For the additional cost, Microsoft bundled a Kinect with the Xbox One, but the camera for the PlayStation 4 had to be purchased separately.  A week after announcing the other restrictions Microsoft dropped them.  Despite the uncertain and rocky start before the launch in 2013, the changes they made appeased buyers.

Once they went on sale, all these issues were forgotten, and the Xbox One was in a good position for the Christmas sales that year.

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