In 2016 which are the best antivirus software and apps

Finding out the best antivirus software in 2016

If you want to be secure from phishing scams, and other malware on the Internet, which programs should you use for protection, without it costing a small fortune? Which is the best antivirus software in 2016?

Best Antivirus in 2016

bitdefender-the-best-antivirus-in-2016Research suggests that Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 has the best protection, lowest impact on your system, and the most extra defences.  Second was Avira Antivirus Pro and Panda Security Antivirus Pro was third.  Some, such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus (which was amongst the top in 2015), had problems, and others such as F-Secure anti-Virus has an enormous impact on your system.

If you only need basic protection, without controls for parents and other extras, then you need basic software.

How are these checked?

The criteria included the following: interface, performance, protection and additional features.  The intuitiveness and user friendliness were also evaluated.  Did scans slow the performance of the computer?  Was the program effective in finding and removing malware?  Were there extra tools, and were they particularly useful?

The tests were performed on the same laptop – Asus X555LA- with 64-bit Windows 8.1, the processor was an Intel Core i3 processor, with 6GB of RAM and a hard drive with 500GB, with only 36GB of files.  An open office test was used, and it was able to match 20,000 names and addresses.  The performance had a heavier impact depending on the time it took to complete the tests.

Two independent labs were used.  The AV-TEST (Germany) and AV-Comparatives (Austria) were chosen.  These labs test antivirus software regularly.  The results were from 2015 to 2016.

What are different Antivirus software in 2016

1. Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2016

Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2016 is top of the list. It has the best value, and many additional tools. Its scores for detecting malware were almost perfect.  It works well no matter what you are doing, form work, watching movies or playing games.

2. Avira Antivirus Pro

Avira Antivirus Pro is a close second, but it lacks a password and protection from ransomware. There is a free version, and the only advantages the Pro version (at $45.00) has are that it will scan attachments in emails, automatically include updates and the browser is secure.

3. Panda

Panda has little impact on the system, and it has a good interface that you can customise. However it creates more false positive than others and has few extra features.

4. Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab was one of the better programs, but has recently slipped. Although its system impact is low, it has a virtual keyboard, and can provide protection against ransomware screen-locking, the interface is cluttered and the most useful features are more expensive.

5. F-Secure Anti-Virus

F-Secure Anti-Virus works well and is good value costing only $40 per annum for three devices, but it has a heavy load on the system, and there are too many false positives.

6. Avast

Avast is well known for its free software, but although it has some good features it slows down the system and also tries to take over the choice of browser while you are installing.

7. Bullguard Antivirus

Bullguard Antivirus has a good interface, and doesn’t impact too much on the performance of the system, but its scores for detecting malware were only satisfactory, there is no telephone support, and it only has a few extra features.

8.  ESET NOTD32 Antivirus

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is pleasant to use, but its protection is only average, and there are few extras.

9. McAfee Antivirus Plus

McAfee Antivirus Plus is a good buy. For only $60 you can purchase the software for any number of devices. However, in the test, it missed malware and had a heavy impact on the system.

Hopeful from this information, you can get the best antivirus software in 2016.


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