Which Programming Language to Learn for Software Development?

When you decide to develop programs for yourself, the time spent on selecting which programming language to learn will be invaluable both now and in the future.  Which programming language you choose will depend on the different characteristics of each, how easy they are to learn and how they can help you to earn money.

Which programming language to learn for better career?

The first thing most people write is ‘Hello World’.  This is devoted to those languages that are used to program software.

Choose Programming Language to Learn

Which Programming Language To Learn For Software Development?

Java Programming Language

Java is the language used in most Computer Science courses, and most people who work in this area have some experience working with Java.  It is described as an object-oriented language, which is strongly typed and has a large feature set which focuses on compatibility across platforms and networking.  If your applications are written in Java they can run on almost all OS systems, but a native design will provide better performance.  Java is also used for Android applications, but it is somewhat more complicated.

Will I Make Money?

If you can develop an app for the Android market, and it is worth buying, you will make plenty of money.  At the enterprise level there are Java jobs, but the competition is high and the pay is poor.

Note: Java and Javascript are not the same.

C / C++ Programming Language

C and C++ are considered to be separate languages, but they are put together because C++ is an enhanced version, with additional features.  Most computer programmers who are serious about their work use C++.  It is the basis of most games and advanced software on Windows.  The performance is high, but precision is essential so it is not an easy programming language to learn.  Because of that it is not suggested that beginners use it.

Will I Make Money?

Because there is less competition than Java, C++ programmers are in demand and are paid well.

C# (C Sharp) Programming Language

This is called C sharp, and is Microsoft’s version of Java.  Previously they were quite similar but recently there have been more significant differences between them.  C# performs well, but is not as fast as C++.  To run C# .Net is needed and it can only be used on Windows.

Will I Make Money?

There are jobs in corporations, but it is less likely you will make money from one single software development.  In spite of that it is fun and easy to learn, so great for beginners.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Express can be downloaded for free.  It can help with GUI designs and completing codes.  It can also be used with Visual Basic and other Microsoft languages.

Visual Basic  Programming Language

Visual Basic is described as an event-driven language because it is a code that is written to react to what a user does.  For example, what happens when the user clicks on the button?  It focuses on simple GUI-based apps.  Although easy to learn it is somewhat limited.

Objective-C/Cocoa Programming Language

This is an Apple Mac language and most OSX and iOS apps use it.  It can be seen as an extended version of C, but is usually combined with Cocoa, which is a framework for building interfaces and higher level features on the Mac.  Memory management needs to be watched carefully.

Although it is a complex language there is a free development section provided by Apple which makes the process easier.  It is more accessible than C++, and is the only option for OSX and iOS.

Will I Make Money?

It will cost you $99 a year to have a developer’s account, and with one great app you can make money.  Those who develop for the Android system seem to earn more from advertising than from the one-off sale of an app.

Finally, Python, and PHP has not been included in this list because it is more often used on web sites.

Once you know one of these languages it will be much easier to learn another one.

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I hope this article will help you answer this question “Which programming language to learn for better career?”

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