Who’s looking in your windows? Windows 10 and your privacy

Windows 10 and your privacy

One of the biggest issues surrounding the release of Windows 10 has been concerns about the levels of privacy (or lack thereof) when using the system.

Consumers are correct to be concerned, with the new operating system hosting more data tracking and user observance than ever.

Up until recently, Microsoft was relatively silent on the details of what they’re gathering and how it’s being used. Executive Vice President Terry Myerson has now released a post, giving a brief official statement on privacy in Windows 10, which you can read here.

Whatever Microsoft says, it’s good practice to familiarize yourself with the multitude of privacy settings (at least 13 pages’ worth) so that you understand exactly what information you might be giving away. The ‘Windows 10 Privacy Settings Walkthrough’, available here at SuperSite for Windows, will help you get started.

What do you think? Are you confident that your privacy will be sufficiently protected when using Windows 10?

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