Will 32GB Be Enough on the New iPhone? – 32GB iPhone feasibility

4GB iPhone

The original iPhone was first released almost 10 years ago; the 4GB of flash memory seemed huge. Now that seems just crazy but back then there were not as many apps, the software took up less space and storing music and videos was not as common so it wasn’t a problem.

16GB iPhone

The new standard for storage on the iPhone has been 16GB. This has previously allowed people to watch movies with good resolution, take and store good quality pictures and could handle the increased size of the operating system. However, people now use their phone more and more for watching videos, watching live TV and taking camera quality photos. The Apple operating system has also increased to meet the needs of the changes in technology.

Three Levels of Memory

Many people are finding that the 16GB of space is not sufficient and that they are running out of space for apps, music and videos. Experts are surprised that Apple has continued to offer consumers iPhones with 16GB of memory through the launch of the 6S. Apple finally came around and realized they had a problem and made changes for the iPhone 7 and the newer iPhone 6 models. Now, Apple offers three levels of memory for storage – 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.

32GB iPhone

However, is 32GB the new 16GB? This is something that people who are considering buying a new iPhone need to carefully consider. It may very well be worth paying more to have the expanded memory unless you don’t add a lot of apps to your phone. If you love all the apps Apple has to offer or you take most of your pictures with the iPhone camera, you may want to think about adding more memory.

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Problems with 32GB iPhone

Lack of apps storage in 32GB iPhone

The first issue with having only 32GB of data is, as stated above, the many apps that we love to use on our iPhones. There are some apps that don’t take up a lot of space on your Apple devices but that is not the norm. Some of the more common apps that people download including Facebook, Chrome, Garageband and many others can use between 150MB to almost 2 GB of the storage on your iPhone or other Apple device.

Lack of photo storage in 32GB iPhone

Photo storage is another concern when you only have 32GB of data. More and more people use their iPhone almost exclusively to document their daily lives with their family. The pictures that are stored on the iPhone and other devices are not too large but with the Apple Live Photo information also stored is what really uses the memory. The newer operating systems now let people take raw pictures which gives them a better image than the normal way people took pictures previously. The newer operating systems and new phones have also continued to come with cameras with increased pixels which also means more storage is used.

Lack of video storage in in 32GB iPhone

Video storage is another huge memory hog on the iPhone. A short video under 20 seconds with an older iPhone can use up to 40MB of memory. The newer iPhones require even more storage space for videos.

How to survive an iPhone with only 32GB of storage

It is possible to make your iPhone work for what you use it for with only 32GB especially with the new operating system that uses an optimization program to reduce the storage space used for various programs and apps. A lot of people watch and listen to various forms of media using streaming services which allows them to free up a lot of memory space on their Apple devices. Using the various cloud programs like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Photos also frees up space by storing media files on distant server instead of your devices. So most people can probably make 32GB work for them on their Apple devices but if you think you may be using your phone for more in the future than you do now, you should consider increasing the memory.

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