Will the Pokemon Go Plus Accessory Really Matter?

Set to release soon is the Pokemon Go Plus accessory which is an addition to the Pokemon Go game that can attach to your clothing and communicate with a smart phone using Blue tooth. This app which works with most smart phones is an addition to the Pokemon game lets you train the Pokemon you have caught by taking them for a walk when you are on the go. It is also said to notify when there are Pokemon close to you through vibration if you have the program on your smart phone which makes catching these creatures a lot easier.

The Pokemon Go Plus was not released as planned because, according to Nintendo, they wanted to make sure that the app would work as planned with the accessory and that purchasers would not be disappointed. However, there are rumors resulting from the lack of information available to the public that Pokemon Go accessory was actually delayed because Nintendo was concerned that it would not be compatible with the game. Fans hope this is not true because they were excited about the new addition to the game. If it is true, Nintendo is definitely going to lose a lot of money.

What little is known about the Pokemon Go Plus is making fans question if it is really going to be a viable addition to the game so many people love. There are serious questions about whether or not this product will ever hit the market because of the possible flaws that may make it incompatible.

Nintendo has not come out and said that the Pokemon Go Plus will be able to do what the original game does as far as hatching eggs. The original game records the distance players have traveled using GPS instead of a pedometer and the Pokemon Go Plus is not thought to be able to meet this standard. This leads people to seriously question the ability of the Pokemon Go Plus accessory to live up to its hype.

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